Inland Kenworth

About Project

Inland Kenworth’s concrete tilt-up building was designed using a green strategy, incorporating environmentally sustainable elements both inside and outside.  The facility itself boasts a high-intensity lighting system which saves energy by automatically adjusting to ambient outdoor lighting conditions, while the site employs an innovative rainwater management system which sees parking lot run-off stored in large settling ponds. Another feature of the system has rainwater and snowmelt from the roof carried via a sluice box to the streambed below and into the Northfield Road drainage system, which outlets into a natural wetland.

The Inland Kenworth project was featured in WaterBucket’s Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island Series 2007, and has been the recipient of several awards, including:

  • 2007 VIREB Commercial Building Awards: Award of Merit in the Industrial category;
  • 2006 City of Nanaimo GREEN AWARD for environmental achievement; and
  • 2006 City of Nanaimo Design Award.



Nanaimo, BC


Design-Build/New Construction


33,000 sq ft

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