We Take Safety Seriously

IWCD is committed to maintaining a safety culture where employees can work safely and be confident that they will return home without injury at the end of each day. We believe that all incidents can be prevented and make it our company goal to eliminate or minimize hazards that cause accidents and injuries. When the construction of your project begins, you can rest assured that the safety of those in and around the job site, including your staff, customers, and members of the public, is our top priority.

At IWCD, we make every effort to identify construction hazards and control or reduce risk by:

  • Ensuring that all employees are aware of their safety responsibilities by promoting a strong Safety Program.
  • Promoting a work environment where there is an expectation that work will be conducted safely – always.
  • Informing workers of known hazards, the means to control these hazards and the training to complete their work safely and professionally.
  • Identifying and correcting hazards as they occur, conducting inspections and disciplining unsafe conduct when required.
  • Assessing performance of the Safety Program through regular documentation, reporting and management review.

IWCD has achieved COR certified status through the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), as well as receiving our Contractor Check Accreditation. To maintain these certifications, IWCD focuses on employee training, safe work procedures, site-specific safety programs, enforces a stringent safety inspection process and has designed a successful in-house new and young worker training program.

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